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The Pros And Cons In Cloud Computing

The issue of cloud computing has raised many debates and disagreements between entrepreneurs.

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What Makes A Smart Home

You might often have this uneasy feeling about what you did and didn’t do at home in your hurry to get to work.

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Life becomes happy and contented only if we are healthy both physically and mentally. It is important to take care of health by eating a balanced diet and being fit by performing physical activities. There are various steps to stay fit and healthy to make our wellbeing better. In order to stay fit, every little thing plays an important role. For example, getting up early, going to bed early, spending time with friends and family, going to the gym, meditating, and having a healthier diet. But most people do not organize their time after work to take care of them.

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Steps to stay fit and healthy

The healthy body paves the way for a healthy mind and a happier soul. There are millions of steps to stay fit and healthy but it must be taken seriously by the individuals, who wish to make changes. By taking simple changes, modifying the lifestyle little by little, you can be able to make changes in your life. Nothing can be done overnight and hence it is very important to be consistent. Following are some of the steps to stay fit and healthy.

  • Being the nutritionist: There is plenty of information on the internet. It is important to find reliable information after thorough research on food items you can take to improve health. You do not need to earn a degree, but you can collect the information from reliable sources. It is said that the fruits and veggies that grow in your area or region is the supply of nutrition to your body. Similarly, you can search for other lacking supplements and add them to your diet.
  • Physical wellness: It is important to spend at least half an hour every day to do some vigorous physical activity. Whatever your interest is like going to the gym, or doing home at home, or dancing for Zumba, you can take up every day and perform. Or you can mix everything and perform like planning a time table. This practice will not make you get bored and to stay fit and healthy.
  • Mental health: If you start focusing on physical health, you will feel relaxed and calm mentally compared to before. This will make a new path to enhancing peacefulness and happiness. It can even open doors to wisdom, gratitude, and mindfulness.
  • Taking care of your family: This practice of staying fit can be incorporated into the family members too. By doing this, you are making your better place to live in.
  • Keeping track of everything you do: The final and most important to practice is keeping track of all your new activities for at least a month. This will make you satisfied once you finish work and makes you happy as you finally taking steps to reach as a whole well being.

Whenever we hear the word SAMSUNG, the first thing which comes to our mind is the smartphone which is found in every third person’s hand. Samsung smartphones are one of the most famous phones is not just our country, but the world. Samsung phones are known to come up with new technologies raising the bar for cell phones all around the world. After that, we think about the TV and Fridge and Washing Machine which Samsung has provided us with. Samsung is one of India’s top trusted brands when it comes to technology. But seldom do people know about the other things Samsung is into. Samsung has grown into such a renowned brand that even children know about it, but not everyone knows about what Samsung is, other than technology.

Samsung has a construction and trading business:-

Yes, apart from building the most amazing smartphones, SAMSUNG also provides services in civil engineering and construction. Hardly did we know Samsung C&T Corporation was born in 1938 and has been into many construction projects since 1995. Did you know that Samsung has contributed to the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Petronas Towers in Malaysia? Surprising isn’t it!

Samsung builds ships too! :-

Wait for what? – I bet most of you must be having this reaction when you first read this, but it is actually true. Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the largest shipbuilding industries in the world. They have a dockyard in South Korea which measures 2,100 ft. and they successfully launch 30 ships per year. Not just smartphones; Samsung is also an expert in making LNG carriers, oil drilling ships, ultra-large container ships, and Arctic shuttle tankers. That is truly unbelievable!

You can protect your life with Samsung:-

Alright, you will not believe me until I tell you that Samsung Life Insurance is a multinational insurance company in South Korea and is indeed the largest insurance company there. It was founded 61 years ago and since then has been successfully providing life insurances all over the world. It was a private company kept in secret until it was revealed in 2010; if so had not happened, we would have never known what all Samsung has been doing! I’m sure it is difficult for you to trust me, but all this, is true, and you can check it for yourself!

Wireless networks or wifi are comparatively less protected in regards to the forefront of use, compared to wired networks. It's obviously a great deal more complicated and quite difficult to hack on the router that must be plugged into a system. This is a significant reason consciousness is slowly being created about WiFi safety and people would rather conceal WiFi networks to ensure that passersby or strangers may have access to it. Hiding wifi system will let you fasten your link and rescue it from any kind of hacking. Here we also providing the wireless router reviews for you. Read the reviews and choose the best router for your needs.

An Identifier plays an integral role in linking devices to a WiFi system and this identifier is known as the Service Set Identifier that in common terms signifies a domain. A 192.168 ll router broadcast can also be referred to as the beacon framework that's a broadcast which has central information linked to the system and contains the SSID. This air is a method of announcing to people that a system is established and now exists and how our apparatus in the home, such as our telephones, laptops, and iPads (today, even Smart TV's) understand about our WiFi and begin recognizing it.

Why Do People Decide to Hide WiFi Networks?

People decide to conceal WiFi networks for organizational or security functions and this action of concealing a community is hiding the SSID cause a concealed network basically does not/stops broadcasting its SSID. Since a hidden system doesn't broadcast its title, all of the apparatus around it can't "listen" to it and also aren't capable of discovering it. All links, in this situation, are created from the Network itself. The system finds the apparatus and in order for this to take place, the system which takes a connection must declare the title of this system it's searching for and declare its name also, which can be insecure at a few degrees.

It's a technically intelligent measure to maintain a network concealed cause to folks that aren't knowledgeable about the technical setup, a community might not even exist. This can stop the manipulation of providers at different levels. But, it isn't a foolproof measure. Hackers with the perfect understanding, tools and sufficient time at hand may detect the visitors and information coming out from any given community in the kind of signs or other specialized symbols, and they can have the ability to locate the SSID. Knowing the title of the specified network may attract the user near their assignment and also keep it concealed is the maximum an individual can perform. As they say -- avoidance is far better than cure.

The Pros And Cons In Cloud Computing

The issue of cloud computing has raised many debates and disagreements between entrepreneurs. While many argue for the many advantages it comes with, others choose to dwell on the dark side. Each with enough points to prove their stands.

Even with these arguments and debates raging on, many businesses are toying with the idea of making the switch to cloud with eyes on the relative ease and efficiency it provides.

However it is not all wonderful as you will see by the end of this article.

That said, some of the advantages of cloud computing include the following:

Saving Of Cost And Time

Many businesses that have switched over to cloud computing often report a reasonable decrease in costs. That is not all, it also saves time as the types of software in cloud help lighten arduous tasks in the business world.


Majority of software development companies in cloud computing provide good customer support.

There are employees who are most times experts in the area where they provide customer support, making troubleshooting hassle free and problem-solving.

As a result of this, cloud computing is completely dependable.

Backup Servers

The developers of cloud computing software provide a higher step in technology. These companies have many servers in activation, which ensures that whenever a server fails, the backup server will come into use, preventing interruptions to your work.

Storage And Easy Access To Stored Information

Cloud computing provides free cloud data storage which cancels out the purchase of unimportant storage compartments. Since the storage is on cloud, it is easy to sort and organize.


Since cloud computing exists on the internet, access to your stored files become easier. You can access them from anywhere in the world, as well as store them. Access does not always have to be with a computer. A tablet or smartphone with an internet connection is enough.

Some of the disadvantages, however, are outlined below.


This is a bit of an irony. While cloud computing saves time and money, it also comes with costly software. Each new custom program created means more costly software. Again, an initial down payment, after which monthly payments are made is a likely payment plan by cloud.

Down Servers

As more people are getting on to cloud computing, the servers go down every now and then. Sometimes the reason may be due to weather, system updates or malware. Which ever it is, if the backup servers fail to work, your work will most likely be seriously affected.

The issues Of Compatibility

Program are lost at times due to the integration of a whole new system because of compatibility issues. This usually occurs in cases of pre-existing documents which a company wishes to retain.

Cyber-security Concerns

Data which may be priceless to companies can be hacked into when stored in cloud computing as this service is offered online. This is a big downside to cloud computing.

Perhaps with better improvements in cloud computing, we will see most if not all of the problems go away. Until then, cloud computing is a potentially double-edged sword.

How Magazines And Newspapers Get Digitized

Since the emergence of the information era, the demand for paper newspapers and magazines has been dwindling. This is because companies are taking advantage of the era and the tools it provides to grow their company by producing these magazines and newspapers online.

This move is known as digitization. It is a process through which information is changed into a digital form through image capturing. There is a scanning process which newspapers and magazines undergo. The pictures contained in them are captured and saved as microfilm.

After this process, those pictures will be converted to texts before they are proper tagged and indexed so they can be easily found in the archive. However, many companies take different approaches to digitization.

Newspapers and magazine companies often give out the work of digitization to other companies so they won’t have to make extra spending on manpower, equipment and time which is very important to publishers. As such other companies digitize their articles and news for them.

These companies offering digitization services always own the technology for such work, which they dutifully maintain and upgrade, with a technical team that provides solutions and ideas on how to put out better digital services. This makes for various approaches to digitization.

However, the general procedure for digitization are listed below.

Receipt Of Files

Files will be sent from client to an outsourcing company immediately an agreement is reached. These files are either hard copies or soft copies, although they mostly arrive as soft copies. The newspaper agency makes sure that the copies are in accordance to agreements with Media Monitoring Companies.

Removal of Unimportant Pages

Ads, images, pictures, obituaries, change of name notification and all other such things on a page will get the page tagged as irrelevant and removed as it is not needed anymore.

Conversion Into Text

As the files are made to go through the system, they will undergo a conversion and become text files.

This is because the system is built for just that purpose.

Identification Of The Quantity Of Articles.

A newspaper page may contain up to three articles. Identifying how many articles there are makes for more efficient and time serving digitization.

Tagging Of The Article Elements

Based on the client’s requirements, articles will be divided in different segments and tagged accordingly.

XML tags include: language, pre-introduction, name ,introduction, ID, story, Document date, blurp, physical position, quote, fact box, logical position, headline, teaser, sub-headline, byline, image.

The client is expected to choose from the list of tags.


Corrections are made with help from the auto correct features which the system is equipped with. The product will then be saved in an XML format.

Quality Control

Another check with be done on the quality of the product by a senior specialist to ensure that there are no mistakes. If there are, they will be corrected.


The client gets his products from the digitization company.

These steps may look simple but much painstaking efforts go into them to ensure that when these new articles go online, there will not be a single blemish that will reflect back on the company.

What Makes A Smart Home

You might often have this uneasy feeling about what you did and didn’t do at home in your hurry to get to work.

You may even be right about them and an appliance that is not supposed to be switched on is working at home. Perhaps the security alarm was not set.

If you have a smart home, you can connect the devices and appliances at home to keep in touch with you and with themselves and through this way ensure that everything is alright at home.

As long as the devices in your home makes use of electricity, they can be put under your command. You only have to choose the means of giving this command. Remote? Voice? Tablet or smartphone?

These applications are used for home security, entertainment and even the regulation of temperature.

The smart home which was an unusual industry is growing into a full-blown customer trend, perhaps because it is a draw for the wealthy.

In any case, smart homes and home automation are becoming common in an increasingly alarming way.

With sales of automation systems being projected at $44 million dollars by the end of 2017, there is little wonder as to why many established technology organizations are joining start-up companies to launch new smart home products.

This is made easier by the success of smartphones and tablets everywhere, whose constant internet connections means their features can be exploited and they can configured for many different uses. The phrase Internet of Things (IoT) comes to mind.

In a smart home, all the devices and appliances make use of machine to machine technology (M2M). They communicate with each other using the existing electrical wires in the home. They are controlled with remotes or keypads which are transmitters.

You can stay in your sitting room and turn off the light in the other room through the use of these transmitters which will issue a message to go through series of command. All of this happens very fast.

However, electrical lines can get overwhelmed and these messages may be relayed to the wrong devices or may not be relayed at all.

Some companies, like Z-Wave and ZigBee provide systems that use radio waves to communicate. The mesh network these technologies provide means there is more than one way for a message to get to its destination.

A Source Routing Algorithm is used by Z-Wave to find out the fastest route for relaying the messages. Each device has a code embedded in it before it is plugged into the system which is controlled by a network controller.

ZigBee, on the other hand shows the mesh networking concept. Messages run around like bees (refer to the name) in an effort to find the best way to the receiver. ZigBee uses a standard put in place by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for wireless networks.

There is more flexibility in using a wireless network for smart home devices, but they may experience interference. The company, Insteon provides a means of sending messages with both electrical wires and radio waves.

Smart homes are on the rise, and with it the technology to maintain it. No doubt in years to come we will see more efficient smart homes as the idea and steps in polishing it are inexhaustible.

What To Look Out For When Hiring IT Support For Your Company

A business that is not on the internet these days is marching backwards fast, it is like a tortoise in a race with well-fed horses who is very well bound to lose. So how do you continue your busy work and still maintain a much valued internet presence? You do this by hiring IT personnel.

Now, place yourself in this scenario: you have five employees in a hurry to meet a deadline and deliver to a client. They are locked onto your company’s computers rounding up files and getting the products into shape. Then all of a sudden the computers stop functioning.

Your employees, one by one, fiddle with the servers with little or no knowledge whatsoever of what they are doing. They keep fiddling this way and that way trying to get your servers up in order to continue with their rush to meet the deadline.

Valuable hours pass without any progress. The deadline is not met and your client bails. First of all you have lost a business opportunity. Secondly, their trust is gone. They can’t depend on you to deliver anymore, so they bid you farewell and move along to your competition.

Dreadful, is it not? This disaster can be avoided when you hire the right full-time on site information technology support person. Trust me, it will not be a waste of your time or money. However, if you would hire the right person for the job, there are factors to consider.

Working Relationship With Others

Your IT support person should be able to communicate with your other employees, especially when tempers rise over technology issues that keeps being a nuisance. His ability to calm things down will ensure that these problems are quickly resolved.

Willingness To Help Out With Other Tasks

If there is no fault to be corrected or a server that needs to be put in order, what will this employee be doing? It is important that you get candidates who are willing to step up and help out in other jobs, such as maintenance, and possibly crafting a long term plan.

This long term plan will be  for staying abreast of and managing your company’s evolving needs while keeping up with the latest technology. Your ideal IT employee should also be open to  recruiting, training and management of new IT employees when you need them.

Ability And Willingness To Access Existing Information Systems

Your candidate should express his readiness and qualification to analyze and provide reports on the functionality of your company’s existing equipment. He should be able to suggest new software and justify upgrades with a budget to this end.


Making Your Technology Cyber-secure

Cyber-security for your company is very important and you would want to hear him outline his plans on how to provide that. If the security of firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware fails, what would he do? If a hacker gets into the system, what will his response be?


A server or a computer system crash does not know the difference between working hours and weekends. It can occur at any time. It is of the utmost importance then, that your IT person should be on call every hour of every day. Do not hire someone who is uncomfortable with this.