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Whenever we hear the word SAMSUNG, the first thing which comes to our mind is the smartphone which is found in every third person’s hand. Samsung smartphones are one of the most famous phones is not just our country, but the world. Samsung phones are known to come up with new technologies raising the bar for cell phones all around the world. After that, we think about the TV and Fridge and Washing Machine which Samsung has provided us with. Samsung is one of India’s top trusted brands when it comes to technology. But seldom do people know about the other things Samsung is into. Samsung has grown into such a renowned brand that even children know about it, but not everyone knows about what Samsung is, other than technology.

Samsung has a construction and trading business:-

Yes, apart from building the most amazing smartphones, SAMSUNG also provides services in civil engineering and construction. Hardly did we know Samsung C&T Corporation was born in 1938 and has been into many construction projects since 1995. Did you know that Samsung has contributed to the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Petronas Towers in Malaysia? Surprising isn’t it!

Samsung builds ships too! :-

Wait for what? – I bet most of you must be having this reaction when you first read this, but it is actually true. Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the largest shipbuilding industries in the world. They have a dockyard in South Korea which measures 2,100 ft. and they successfully launch 30 ships per year. Not just smartphones; Samsung is also an expert in making LNG carriers, oil drilling ships, ultra-large container ships, and Arctic shuttle tankers. That is truly unbelievable!

You can protect your life with Samsung:-

Alright, you will not believe me until I tell you that Samsung Life Insurance is a multinational insurance company in South Korea and is indeed the largest insurance company there. It was founded 61 years ago and since then has been successfully providing life insurances all over the world. It was a private company kept in secret until it was revealed in 2010; if so had not happened, we would have never known what all Samsung has been doing! I’m sure it is difficult for you to trust me, but all this, is true, and you can check it for yourself!